Integrated Automation Services

Here at Insta, we provide a comprehensive range of automation and control services: from consulting, design and software programming to switchgear/control panel production, electrical installation and commissioning. Whatever your goal is, our dedicated team of Automation engineers will work closely with you.

We focus on the following areas of expertise:

Building Management Systems

Efficient & modern facility operations

To maximize operational effectiveness and energy efficiency of your facility, an easy to control solution for the technical systems of your building is essential. We integrate, install and service building management systems, so that performance, comfort and safety are upheld to its maximum.

The real power of a modern Building Management System lies in its integrated nature, by connecting and controlling various sub-systems like HVAC, energy metering, power management, fire safety and security. A well planned BMS can save up to 30% in energy costs, once a building becomes functional.
When performing a building life-cycle cost analysis for facilities like hotels, shopping centers etc. it becomes evident that the construction costs are typically only a fraction of the operational and maintenance costs. For this types of buildings, an intelligent solution like a Building Management System is particularly important, since operational effectiveness means big savings in the long run.

As a certified “Solution Partner” of Siemens Building Technologies, we have engineered, deployed and serviced Desigo CC™ based building management systems for many commercial customers throughout Georgia. We also provide after-sales services, with scheduled on-site and off-site checkups.

Industrial Automation

Decreasing production costs while increasing productivity

We provide engineering, automation and maintenance, modifications and operations services to industrial clients. This includes design and build, automated control systems as well as operations and maintenance - driving efficiencies and reducing costs.

Smart automation solutions will allow you to combat your enterprise’s biggest challenges:

  • Improve yield
  • Drive productivity
  • Optimize resource management
  • Enhance asset utilization
  • Mitigate security risks

We help you deploy scalable, future-proof, solutions built on contemporary technologies by delivering real-time, secure infrastructure.

Smart Homes

Contemporary living with a high level of comfort

A Smart Home takes care of tasks around your home automatically, freeing up your time for the more important things in life. From lighting and climate control to security, blinds, music and energy management, your whole home can be intelligently automated.

Whether you’re building, renovating, extending, or just looking to improve your home, we have both wired and wireless solutions to choose from.

We deploy both KNX and IP-based smart home systems. Our automation engineers are officially certified KNX system integrators.

Smart House Functions