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"For me as an engineer, it's extremely convenient
to work with a team consisting of such high level professionals, as there are in Insta."

Avtandil Saluqvadze
Bank of Georgia

"The one thing that differentiates Insta the most from all other companies
is discipline and a high quality standard, to which they always adhere to."

Temur Shaloshvili

"Insta is a well organized company, which excels in quality and its prices are adequate. In the long run, this gives us an advantage by decreasing operational issues."

Paata Samkharadze
Tegeta Motors

"We know that we can rely on the Insta team! Once, they arrived at 3 am all the way from Tbilisi for a late-night issue. That kind of support is very important to us."

Shalva Kiknadze
Crowne Plaza

Solar Power Plants

INSTA is an authorized distributor of Jinko Solar in Georgia. Solar panels incorporating Jinko's advanced N-type technology are consistently available in INSTA's inventory. This panels are renowned for their sophisticated design and high guaranteed output.

Jinko Solar provides a 25-year free current warranty on its solar panels, which significantly reduces costs and fosters an environmentally friendly atmosphere.



At Insta we constantly strive to provide top quality, safe and cutting edge solutions and products for our partners and clients.
To be a driving force in furthering our craft in Georgia and the South Caucasus Region, we are constantly on the look-out to adapt novel and innovative approaches while building on a strong foundation of past experience.

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